BenQ nScreen i91 Driver Download

BenQ nScreen i91 Driver Download РBenQ nScreen i91 at its core is a wide-screen monitor 18. 5in with built-in PC components. All-in-one PC is more not thinner than traditional displays up to will not take up much room on the table. Inside it has AMD Sempron 210U CPU (single-core CPU with a clock speed of 1. 5GHz), 1GB of RAM and a 160GB, 5400rpm hard drive.  [BenQ nScreen i91 Driver Download for Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Win 8.1/ Windows 10 (32bit Р64bit), Mac OS and Linux].

BenQ nScreen i91 Driver Download
BenQ nScreen i91

This is not a strong configuration, but moving the Windows XP insufficient and it was fine for a couple of days work such as searching site, view videos, listen to music and view and picture editing.

BenQ nScreen i91 ie self-contained unit, which means there is no access panel for you to easily obtain the slots of RAM and hard drive; This means it is not a unit that is ideal for admirers who want to upgrade in the future. AMD CPU and 1GB of RAM give BenQ nScreen i91 added ability of both the PC based on Intel Atom 1. 6GHz, BenQ nScreen i91 hard drive recorded a transfer rate of 16, 65 megabytes per second, which is approximately 5Mbps slower than 5400rpm hard drive in a laptop such as the AMD-based HP TouchSmart tx2-1000.

This does not have an expansion slot (ExpressCard / 54 slot, for example), but you can give it more storage or TV tuner via USB 2. 0 port it. It has six USB 2. 0 ports, two one is available on the left side and four located behind the bottom lip. The side port 10/100 Ethernet and difficult to access. We are more select them increasingly more there will be in terms. You do not acquire more and more in the way of connectivity beyond that; no SD card slot for fast photo shows, webcam, 802. 11g wireless networks, as well as microphone and headphone port.

BenQ nScreen i91 Driver Download:

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