Brother DCP-J132W Driver Download

Brother DCP-J132W Driver Download for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X, OS X, Linux 
Brother DCP-J132W review | Brother DCP-J132W is inexpensive MFP printer looks the business but the performance and capabilities aimed at both home and small office. It’s a no-frills affair, only with mono LCD status screen, rather than the screen colors more expensive models in the same range.

Brother DCP-J132W printing machine is one of slow Brother inkjet models. When it comes to our text mono documents, though, we were pleased to find that 25 page appears at the level of 10.7ppm, which is in line with 11ipm quoted by the manufacturer. However, our color business documents printed at 2.8ppm highly illustrated mediocre: Our 24-page took more than eight and a half minutes.

Standard quality mono dark text and fairly well defined, although the serrated edge is still visible on close examination. Draft printing, which saves ink and prints at a slightly faster 13.8ppm, unlike solid and dark when it comes to the 12-point font, but the clarity of the individual letters, if anything, a little better. colorful document and print web pages indicates that the printer handles pretty good illustration. Reproduction our well shaded graphics and 8pt serif text just looks jagged on close inspection, but the images are generally a bit rough with the occasional hint of the print head. The end result is more functional than beautiful.

Functional rather than beautiful too DCP-J132W fair description of this photo. 6x4in prints suffered minor alignment issues common paper for inkjet printers Brother, which leaves a very thin white edges on one side. Obviously white and black tones defined quite good, if a little pale. However, the area share finely serrated show speckling. Photos took a long time to print, too. Two 10x8in mold took 23 minutes at best quality, and six 6x4in prints more than one hour and 20 minutes. However, if you drop out of the best quality for a photo, print speed increased to six 6x4in prints in 13 minutes and 22 seconds, and print the results seem entirely acceptable, if a little less clear.

1,200×2,400dpi scanner built-in are also standard issue for Brother. We were generally pleased with the quality of color copies: picture a little rough, the color red a little exaggerated, but even a small font size that is easy to read, if not totally sharp. Opposite is a little poor in mono prints, but improved by reducing the density of the ink settings to copy us. Our color copy appears in 32 seconds and take 20 mono sheet.

When it comes to scan quality, you’ll want to stick with a resolution of 300dpi and above to make sure the text is reproduced sharply, as we 150dpi scan text crowned light and difficult to read at any magnification. scan image is less detail when it comes to the delicate shading, reproduce some colors as the color blocks. This is especially pronounced when it comes to tone blue and gray / black. There is a reasonable level of detail, but close examination shows that the areas of high contrast where the color of pale abut the dark, suffering from improper edge.

Brother DCP-J132W Driver Download


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Mac OS

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