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Epson L110
Epson L110 Review |Epson L110 inkjet printer manufacturer Epson is a series of new L series.The printer is the next generation type before, the Epson L100.Epson L110 is quite successful in the market today, including in the domestic market.These printers are known to be reliable and able to work quickly.In addition to capacity are qualified to be used to print text or images at high speed, the model introduced for this printer is also the theme of minimalism.It is perfectly suited to the tastes of today’s society.Review this time may be very useful for those of you who want to buy a printer.If you are currently looking for a flurry of pictures or writing molding machine capable to support your work, then this printer can be one of the references that should be considered.

Epson L110 Inkjet Printer is designed specifically so that it displays a style that is quite elegant and practical.The dimensions of this printer is 472 mm x 222 mm x 130 mm, with a weight of 2.6 kg.Body black printer, which combines glossy black and matte black which makes it seem more exclusive.As with printers Epson L series previously.Epson L110 is specifically designed as a printing machine, both images and text, so that the only feature that is owned by this printer is for printing purposes.This will indeed be a minus value for consumers who want more cool features like scanner

Epson L110 Inkjet print speed reaching 27 ppm in draft mode black, while colors can reach 15 ppm.Speed the process of printing with Epson L110 is indeed special, beyond his predecessors.Printing quality was very good, which is 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi.Not to forget, Micro Piezo technology was applied in this printer thus making it one printer with printing specifications are very qualified.

Epson L110 Printer Driver Download


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