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Epson L1800

Epson L1800 Review| Epson L1800 is one of Epson’s new printers are capable of printing on paper up to A3 + size. Look at the form and function is very similar to Epson L1300 which was also introduced concurrently with the L1800, but the Epson L1800 there are additional infusion systems or congenital original ink tank system with 6 color Epson ink and of course a higher price. Epson L1800 presented to supplement the family Epson L-Series in-class inkjet printers A3 along Epson L1300 to meet demand color printing with a maximum size of A3 + with excellent quality for various office needs, photographers, architects, and designers, although it did not rule out home users can use it ,

Epson L1800 ink jet printers A3 with a weight of 12.5 kg, has the physical dimensions of 705 x 322 x 215 mm and visible enough to spend a place at the table for a printer that serves only to print this. But there is still quite understandable because this A3 + inkjet printer. Epson L1800 is capable of printing up to a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi thanks to the printing technology applying sized ink droplets variable (Variable-Sized Droplet / VSDT) that is embedded in the print head technology Epson Micro Piezo for results gradation image is very smooth, good for documents, photographs in black white or color.

Epson L1800 fairly fast enough to print documents with A4 paper size. This printer can print monochrome files at speeds up to 16 ppm and 15 ppm for color documents with media A4 paper (draft mode). As for the photo-sized color print borderless 10x15cm / 4x6inch / 4R This printer takes about 45 seconds for the default or standard quality pictures. To print a photo in A3 paper media will of course take longer, depending on the composition of color and print quality can be adjusted by software built this A3 printer. Power consumption is only about 16 watts when printing process, and 2.2 watts in sleep mode.

Epson L1800 Printer Driver Download


  • Epson L1800 Driver Version: 2.12 for Windows XP [64bit] | Windows Vista [64bit] | Windows 7 [64bit] | Windows 8 [64bit] | Windows 8.1 [64bit] | Windows 10 [64bit] : Download
  • Epson L1800 Driver Version: 2.12 for Windows XP [32bit] | Windows Vista [32bit] | Windows 7 [32bit] | Windows 8 [32bit] | Windows 8.1 [32bit] | Windows 10 [32bit] : Download

Mac OS

  • Epson L1800 Driver Version: 9.31 for Mac OS X v10.4 | Mac OS X v10.5 | Mac OS X v10.6 | Mac OS X v10.7 | OS X v10.8 | OS X v10.9 | OS X v10.10 | OS X v10.11 : Download


  • Epson L1800 Driver for Linux [32bit-64bit] : Click here