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Epson L800

Epson L800 Review | Epson L800 inkjet photo printer is the latest variant of the Japanese producers from this. Epson L800 is a new variant marketed in photo printer segment. Printing photos is an easy matter for almost all of the existing printer, especially if the printer using inkjet technology or laser possible. The main obstacle is often the case with a photo printer is the limited ink that can be used. Epson L800 comes with features automatic ink tank that will pamper you in photo printing, both in large and small scale.

Epson L800 uses six color ink tank technology which consists of the colors cyan, yellow, magenta, black and light cyan and light magenta. With the ink colors are many and varied, Epson L800 can produce images with sharper results and nice. Epson L800 features the head of a cartridge support in the form of Epson Micro Piezo ™ technology was built to help the Epson L800 printer to achieve maximum volume printing and is capable of being at high print speeds and excellent energy efficiency. With the presence of the ink tank as much as 6 pieces will allow you to make savings in terms of printing costs, it is suitable for those who have the photo printing business. With the size of a bottle of 70 ml per bottle, Epson L800 otherwise be able to print 1800 sheets of photo has continuously 4R size.

Epson L800 comes with a dimension that is wider than its predecessors such as R230 or R230x. If you see an earlier version of photo printers are mostly gray, now Epson L800 is designed with black and body material similar to Epson Epson L100 or L200. It appears, which looks solid black body does not have a high artistic value so impressed not space-saving. However, if you view the market share, this printer is intended for those who need a good quality print results on a scale of high-sized paper anyway. So, no wonder if the body is large and minimal impressed artistic value.

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