Fujitsu Scanner S1500 Driver Download

Fujitsu Scanner S1500 Driver Download For Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Win 8/ 8.1/ Win 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 creates manufacturer fits firmly in the tradition of which, with faster speeds and improved compared to previous generation software S500. I will even make a strong argument that it is a desktop document scanners best in class pricing. Unfortunately, it falls one step is small, but significant, in need becomes editors ‘ choice.

Fujitsu Scanner S1500 Driver Download
Fujitsu Scanner S1500 

The good news first, beginning with a particularly shallow: The S1500 looks good. It may well complement the décor of the Executive Office, using the color scheme of black and silver, and also design a sleek as close as any document scanner I’ve seen-even using the input and output trays open. (There is also a Mac version, I do not see, with a special color scheme.

Better yet, the beauty in design beyond skin deep. The scent is really only 6. 2 by 11. 5 inches (WD), and you will find the choice between opening the front output tray or vice versa. Leave the tray closed, and also at the ground over a flat space in front of the scanner. In the case of the table you are too messy to, can open the tray — either permanently, or just every time you scan, therefore you can still arrive in utilizing the desk space for other activities.

S1500 offers approximately 10 percent increase in speed comes from the last generation of the ScanSnap, twenty pages per minute (ppm) or 40 images per minute (IPM) when Scanning duplex mode (each side of the page directly). Sharing similar 600 pixels per inch (ppi) resolution of the optics, which is more than enough for document scanning, and the capacity of the 50-page automatic document feeder that is similar (ADF). In addition it adds ultrasonic sensor for detecting double-feeds.

Don’t like the software, the hardware side of the package, along with the overall performance of the hardware plus software, is an obvious strong point. In my tests, the scanner is only slightly faster than the Fujitsu claims, scanning one side of a 25-page document (simplex mode) in 21. 1 page per minute (ppm) using the default settings, and scan each side (duplex mode) at 41. 7 ipm. It would make it almost as fast as the S1500 like 25-ppm Epson workforce Pro GT-S50, I timed in 22. 7 ppm and 45. 5 ipm. It’s not even much slower compared to the more expensive options editor Canon DR-2580C, 25. 4 ppm and 49. 1 ipm.

S1500 can also serve a first-class business card scanner, run the card through the ADF with high speed, recognize text is quite good, and send the results to a number of programs. It works without any problem in my test sends data straight into Outlook. In addition it may be sent directly to Outlook Express, GoldMine, and Act, along with the use of the data in the CSV file, the variables that most database programs and Excel can read.

Although simple to recommend the S1500, the recommendations have a fence. The typical driver shortage is a potential problem for many, and it was just enough to keep Your scanner from being the editor’s choice. If you are designed to scan Your favorite programs utilizing scan commands, and You also choose to scan in this way, you will probably find the approach ScanSnap feel the opposite. But if You approach for scanning S1500 — or can at least accept it (and that’s how I kinda feel about it)-it will definitely be tough to get yourself a better choice at this price.

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