Keyspan USA-19QW Driver Download

Keyspan USA-19QW Driver Download For Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Win 8/ 8.1/ Win 10 (32bit – 64bit), Mac OS and Linux. Keyspan USA-19QW device solution is an easy way to feature the serial port to multiple computers without the hassle of installing the serial cards, changing from PC or connect an external power adapter. Interesting USA-19HS power directly from the computer with a USB connection. Just plug directly into the USB port of your computer are each using the cables included, install the software and you are ready to connect your serial devices. Showing data transfer RATES as much as 230 Kbps, United States-19HS can be used with any handheld scanner device serial RS-232, point-of-sale system, touch screen and more.

Keyspan USA-19QW Driver Download
Keyspan USA-19QW

You can try to find a method to connect a serial device to multiple USB ports on your PC?  Keyspan “high-speed ” USB Serial Adapter is a simple, cheap and reliable to make this connection, with the fantastic for Adapter for use with modems, digital cameras, ISDN terminal adapters, graphics tablets, PDAs, barcode scanners, label printers with serial devices that require an RS-232 connection. Written by admin  “high-speed ” USB Serial Adapter supports as many as 230 Kbps data RATE times the speed of a typical PC serial port. 100% USB compliant and features simple  “n Plug and Play” installation (no IRQs). Ideal for laptop (it weighs just 2 oz.), the adapter is pulling power comes from the USB connection so that the power adapter is not required 3-year limited warranty

Keyspan USA-19QW is easy to use. DB9 serial port that looks like a COM port from our computer, and is available for use by any program that accesses the COM port. It offers an easy way to feature the serial port to the PC without the hassle of installing some serial cards, changing from PC or configuration of IRQs.

  • There is no need for external power adapter! The strength of the attractive Keyspan USA-19QW directly from your computer via a USB connection.
  • Keyspan USA-19QW supports data transfer rates of as much as 230 Kbps-twice the speed of the serial port built-in.
  • Green LED indicates the status of the adapter and data activity with a glance.

Keyspan USA-19QW has 3-foot USB device cable to connect the serial adapter to the computer. The adapter will also work with any USB cable users-as much as 5 meters long.

Need to update software USA-19HS? The method is quick and easy with free software download. Simply visit product page Keyspan USA-19QW in Tripp Lite website, click the help tab and download and choose Your software download required.

Keyspan USA-19QW produced in accordance with strict RoHS specifications Tripp Lite, reflects a determination to environmental responsibility. For peace of mind, there are supported using the warranty 3 years.

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Mac OS

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